Our Story

I'm no stranger to fast fashion. The appeal of staying on trend, prioritizing quantity over quality, and getting a temporary rush of serotonin when making purchases is what makes it a hard habit to quit. Bare Adornment was born with hope that consumers will slow down and shop ethical and sustainable brands that actually care about their employees and customers.


Our Message

We love you just as much as we love Mother Earth.

Whether you're a minimalist, an extra extra read all about it, or somewhere in between, we're here for it. Bare Adornment is a GenZ built brand that embraces YOU, no matter who you are. We offer custom clothing, made to order, upcycled items, ready-to-wear, and one-of-one designs so you can avoid any party faux pas.

All items are made to order. (excluding "One Of") Please allow 2-4 weeks for your order-- times vary based on item-- to be shipped out. Because Made to Order/ Custom Order items are specific to your measurements, we do not accept returns/ refunds.


Our Fabrics

While deadstock and recycled materials aren't all we use...

...We create as little waste as possible by saving all fabric scraps, recycling leftover materials, and staying conscious of the impact that our selection of fabrics has on the planet.